Winter Wellness Getaway

For the past eight years, I competed for a lifelong dream of becoming Miss Iowa USA and representing Iowa in the national Miss USA competition. After years of perseverance, determination and tenacity, I made my dream come true in October of 2017. I continue to get asked by other women how I was able to... Continue Reading →


International Pageant Day

Not only is today International Pageant Day, but it also happens to be exactly six months until I crown the next Miss Iowa USA. These past six months have included some of my most memorable and impactful experiences yet. Throughout 40 appearances, thus far, I have met some incredible individuals and worked with some remarkable... Continue Reading →

The reality of my adventures in Peru

Last August I had the opportunity to go backpacking in Peru. What you saw from my social media were highlights of some of the most incredible views I've ever seen. What you didn't see was the reality of the developing country. I felt compelled to take you beyond the picture-perfect photos, and share with you... Continue Reading →

Placement doesn’t matter

I was inspired to write this after a message I received from a girl who just competed at her state pageant. She told me she was upset that she didn't place as a semi-finalist, and then asked me how I stayed so positive and determined in my years of competing? I stayed positive and determined... Continue Reading →

Trust the timing

8 years is all it took. 8 years of growing, learning and working hard to achieve one of my lifelong dreams. It's hard to fathom that I was only 19 years old when this journey started. Rebecca Goldsmith was the winner my very first year of competing. I was so inspired by her story of... Continue Reading →

I am tenacious.

A quality I have developed over the years from competing in pageants is tenacity. I learned how to lose year after year, yet still stay determined to win a title. This was something that I knew I could apply to my personal life. There are going to be times that we are rejected over and over... Continue Reading →

Opening Up

Everyone has experienced some kind of obstacle in their life. I have always wanted to share my experience, to let others who are struggling know that they CAN overcome whatever obstacle it is they are facing. I never knew when the right timing was to open up about my story, until being asked to emcee... Continue Reading →

Transitioning from radio to television

This winter I was fortunate enough to be the fill-in host for the Cedar Rapids Roughriders hockey team. The Roughriders are a Tier 1 junior ice hockey team playing in the East Division of the United States Hockey League. I was nervous because although I have been a host and emcee for many events, I had... Continue Reading →

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